Journey Idea

I’m traveling across Australia, Perth to Melbourne at the moment and I keep wondering why there isn’t a Cross Country Quiz/Treasure Hunt style game that I could do as I go.

If I had the time and resources I’d love to make one myself.

It could be done for different routes and have different versions aimed at various age groups.   There could be instant question answers and then whole of journey, collect along the way answers, that answer one big question at the end.

That’d be a journey that some might want to join me on.  Oh and of course there’d have to be a companion podcast.

My minds going nuts thinking about it.

👍 #joinmeonthejourney


Short announcement concerning release schedule

Podcast Episode #4 – American Football – Touchdown

It may be off season but the learning never stops.  Discussing equipment, the NFL combine and Touchdowns!  There is also a home grown Mascot this ep.



Touchdown and equipment rules  – NFL webpage & NCAA webpage


Sack – wikipedia

Podcast Episode #3 D Is For Defense

Episode #3 American Football – D Is For Defense




Music Credits http://www.purple-planet.com

The NFL on the Greenfield Post


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Podcast Episodes #1 and #2 – American Football

Episode #2 – American Football – Bowling for Beginners

Show Notes

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Music Credits http://www.purple-planet.com

Episode #1 – American Football – Introduction


Show notes

Website credits:




Music Credits http://www.purple-planet.com

Change of Course


I commenced with my first script using a local unsolved murder case and recorded and edited it.  I learned a lot doing the editing, I used Audacity free software for that and I am a huge fan as they have made it easy to use.

After recording I played it to my husband and we both agreed that the case I was looking at was unsavory.  We discussed at length whether I was putting myself or our family at any kind of risk.

This wasn’t a new thought, as previous text from my Twitter account will show.

After much discussion and thought it was decided that whilt I may continue learning about the case to suit my own curiosity that I wouldn’t make it public.

So what then?  I still want to produce a podcast, even if no one ever listens.

Aftr much thought I have decided to try a different topic entirely.  Well two actually but while they are diverse as chalk and cheese they are both things that I am or have recently become interested in.

#1 American Football

As an Australian woman I have little to no exposure to this sport other than the copious amount of television and movies that I have seen about it.  There is so much to it. Levels of competition, game structure, rules … even mascots and cheerleaders.

This is something that I really felt would be a journey of learning and could provide a subject that I could get my teeth into.  With the superbowl looming only 10 days away it seemed the right time to start and maybe aim to completing by the beginning of the next season in … hmmm is it November? 🙂

I’m going to make a start on a few episodes for this and see how I go.  It’s a new interest but hopefully I’ll develop into a new passion.

#2 Sun Tzu – The Art of War

This is a subject that has held a long interest for me which may be a bit surprising although in so many fields of endeavour and general life course this is referred to over and over.  Well at least in my experience anyway.

I’ve always promised myself that I would read it and various analysis of it and try to understand better the philosophy.  Why is this so popular so many years later and why do such a varied range of persons, all different walks of life, used it as a guide.


So diverse yes but completely alien to each other? – No, I don’t think so.

I’ll start with #1 and endeavour to have several episodes written for that before I begin to research #2.  I like to have a few things  in my mind at a time and find that I can often overcome a writing block by thinking about something completly different so that’s what I am hoping will happen here.

Wish me luck and join me on the journey… Let’s get started.